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About Us

About Us

Crown Excellence was established as a non-profit literacy organization focused on improving the quality of life for children and young adults ages 4-17 and their families through the power of literacy- the ability to read, write, speak, and think critically. It is founded on the belief held by Cynthia Dunn, "If a child has books in the home, those books will influence their abilities to become lifelong readers and successful citizens." In 2013, Cynthia Dunn created the organization in response to the need to deepen the awareness of and intensify educational services and support for many children in Houston, Texas and abroad.

Crown Excellence advocates for literacy as a fundamental right of everyone and a foundational skill towards success in life. We recognize that when a person is illiterate or has low-level literacy skills, it negatively impacts everyday life, preventing individuals from performing essential functions such as reading traffic signs, understanding basic instructions on important forms, learning about resources and support through newspapers and articles, helping their child/children with homework, or reading with a child. When individuals are not literate, it impacts families, communities and our country. Illiteracy denies a person the ability to reach his or her full potential in life. According to research, high school dropout and unemployment rates, lower income levels, poverty, poor health, and incarceration rates are all linked to illiteracy and are factors which come at a high price to taxpayers.

Crown Excellence partners with other organizations and businesses around the Houston area to end the literacy crisis that affects all of us. Being a consistent source of encouragement and positive interaction can dramatically influence the life of a young student. We are set to make a difference in the lives of K - 12 students as they take specific steps towards pursuing their education. We know that every parent wants the best for their child, in school and also in life and so do we. Crown Excellence is about giving children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds an edge of educational advantage in confidence by providing books and other educational resources to ensure that they strive for greatness instead of mediocrity. We assist our community— from our personal approach, to our interactive involvement, to our amazing results from book studies, mentoring groups, home visits, trainings, workshops and so much more.

Crown Excellence History

Driven by her passion for reading, Ms. Dunn set out to raise literacy awareness across Houston and abroad about the value of reading and learning. Since the inception of this literacy nonprofit organization, Crown Excellence holds an annual event for less privileged kids which earned the Founder, Cynthia Dunn to receive a proclamation from Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker for her commitment and dedication towards literacy awareness. In 2013, Ms. Dunn turned her focus locally to some of Houston’s Housing Authority residential apartments and inner-city neighborhoods, creating Crown Excellence. Recognizing a critical need to increase literacy rates in Houston and abroad, Cynthia Dunn is striving to help end the literacy crisis.

Crown Excellence strives to:
  1. Provide services at no cost to children and their families
  2. Provide books and other educational resources for children, structured school environments, and suffering communities
  3. provide life-skills training to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  4. provide scholarships for young people to utilize upon entrance of their chosen higher education institution
  5. Provide Educational Programs that include but not limited to:
    • -Available community resources
    • -Seminars and conferences
    • -Healthcare (prevention of STD, cancer awareness, healthy living and much more)

Our on Board Team

Cynthia Dunn
Founder and President

Ms. Cynthia Dunn is an intervention specialist in one of Houston’s largest school district. She received a B.S in Teaching and Learning at The University of Houston. Before taking the position as an intervention specialist, she worked as a school nurse. In addition to teaching students and working alongside with many educators, she hosts a summer “Literacy Alive” event annually for at-risk children providing them with school supplies and age-appropriate books to start the school year off right. Her goal is to build libraries in the homes of children that are less fortunate as well as to inspire long-life readers.

She is pursuing a PhD in school psychology in a combined program at The University of Houston. She hopes to open up a counseling practice as well as continuing to pursue work in a school setting. She is currently working on a critical thinking book that many teachers can utilize in their classroom. She resides in Houston, Texas with her son, Edirin and a hosts of family and friends. She enjoys running, reading, and traveling.

Charles Oshanugor
Board Member

Charles Oshanugor is the CEO and President of VCSS INC and CBS Security Services. Charles love dedicating his free time to community outreach projects and has always been involved at the annual events that Crown Excellence’s Founder, Cynthia Dunn hosts. He has had 8 amazing years in business. He is a father of two small children named Princess and Prince. He enjoys playing soccer and going on trips with his family.

Ayo Jeremiah
Board Member

Ayo Jeremiah is an entrepreneur, business & financial coach, author & philanthropist based in Houston, TX but whose social and business networks extend to many countries all over the world. He is the CEO and founder of Fortune Spark Inc. (A Business Branding, Web Marketing & IT Development Company). He is also the founder of Houston's local Fortune Spark Scholarship Foundation.

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